Torah Riddles #190

1. Question: According to the Tur why do children who say they came back from a funeral have to explain in detail that they were just at a funeral of so and so and there were eulogies by these people etc. in order for the wife of the deceased to be allowed to be remarried but if he just said as testimony that so and so died he is believed without further interrogation or need to speak innocently, for her to be remarried? What the difference between the two cases?


A. We believe testimony of almost anyone, even a maidservant or slave or a child for a woman to get remarried because of the issue if aguna and she will make sure her husband is dead before actually getting married last all the fines in chapter 10 of Yevamos will be upon her.

 B. Children are prone to make up stories and playing games like performing a funeral for an ant.

C. When a child reaches the age of 7 or 8 he has enough knowledge to do some level of business and is not considered like an insane person.

Answer: The Taz (Even HaEzer 17:13:9) says that since a child of 7 or 8 is mature enough to do business then he can be relied upon for aguna like any other non-real witness because we aren’t worried he’s insane but when talking about a funeral we are concerned they are making up stories so they have to give more details in order to prove they are telling the truth.