Torah Riddle #241

Question: If one went away within 30 days of Pesach and doesn’t get back until during Pesach or even if he is not back until after Pesach is it better for him to check before he leaves or appoint a messenger to check erev Pesach, the night before the seder? And what’s the indication that which one is better?


A. The Mishna Berura 436:1:1 says that if someone is traveling from land to sea or in a caravan to some far-off place, then he should search his house the night before he leaves without making a blessing on the bedika. If one appoints a messenger to check at the right time, then he does not have to check before going away because a messenger is like himself.

B. There is a concept in halacha that it is better to perform the mitzva yourself more than appointing a messenger to do it for you.

Answer: It is better to appoint a messenger to check for you on erev pesach at night. The proof is that you cannot say a blessing if you checked early but if the messenger checked for you the night of the 14th he would say a blessing. (Shevet HaLevi 9:18, see Dirshu footnote 1.)