Watch Rabbi Milder talk about CITE in his own words:

CITE, Center for Interactive Torah Education, is an interactive way to learn Torah and more about Judaism through means of the latest technology. The goal is to increase the level of Torah learning and to introduce more people to the joy and excitement of Torah study. This is done by means of the web, Skype, and a blog. Our main feature is the chance to learn in depth Torah and mussar (character development) with a rabbi or rebbetzin, one-on-one (b’chavrusa) or in small classes over Skype, Webex, Google Hangouts or the like, of your choice.

CITE is geared for all Jews, Torah observant or not, of all ages. From the outreach professional in the middle of nowhere who needs a one-on-one, to the working man or college student who does not have time to step into a synagogue or yeshiva for a class but could find time to open his computer in the comfort of his own home or work place, to the non-affiliated who might be nervous to step foot into a Jewish center but is comfortable piquing his curiosity on line, in his own domain.