Positive Mitzvah 12

Positive Mitzvah #12:
Today we spoke about the positive mitzvah of Torah Learning and how speaking Lashon Hara or Rechilus might leads to hundreds if not thousands of sins for every single moment one can be learning and he wastes his time and instead speaks loshon hara he is held accountabe for each word potentially missed since each word of Torah is a mitzvah in of itself.  There times Hashem might over look, or in fact it is imperative and allowed to stop learning, for example for one’s livelihood or wellbeing, but besides that Torah learning is a mitzvah obligated every single second of the day so if wasted one is held accountable for that and it is even worse if it is wasted through doing a sin like loshon hara. 

The Chofetz Chaim, as a footnote also painted a picture of how careful we must be too not get entrapped by the yetzer hara and become to engrossed in our jobs and business to the point that we might looks like important and wealthy business men in this world but are literally homeless, raggedy, clothes stained bums, without a house over our heads in the Next World.

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