Torah Riddles Test #98

Question: Why if you were about to eat a fruit and it fell from your hands and got ruined right after you made a blessing on it, do you have to make another blessing on another fruit that was in front of you at the time of the blessing, according to the Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 206:6) but if you said a blessing upon shechting a cow and it is found to be a treifa and therefore inedible, the Kreisi Upleisi (19:6) is in doubt whether you have to make another blessing on the next one he was going to shecht?


A. Hint: What is the reason for each blessing?

 Answer: The blessing over the fruit was to eat it and now you can’t do the blessing was for not but the blessing over slaughtering the cow was to slaughter the cow and you did that, it just happened to be a treifa and inedible but he still did the mitzvah of shechting so it might be enough for the blessing to count for other cows you were planning on slaughtering.