Torah Riddles Test #67

  1. Question: Why are you liable for eating on Yom Kippur the forbidden designated amount of food in a scenario where the first half is permissible?


A. For example if a person is dangerously sick and was told he must eat half an amount of a thick date of food every 9 minutes. If he eats the full date amount he is liable though the first half was permissible for him to eat.

B. A thick date is the amount considered to be enough to compose and settle one’s mind if he is hungry, which is why it is the amount of liability.

C. The Torah says one should cause himself to suffer on Yom Kippur.

D. The Kesser Sofer (responsa 31) says that even if a person ate half a date size right before Yom Kippur and another half right after Yom Kippur started he is still liable.

Answer: Even though he was only not allowed to have half of what he ate but because the combo combined to create a state of composer and settling of the mind it then created a liability since that is the exact issue which the Torah forbade. The exact measurement is just the amount designated which causes composer.