Torah Riddles Test #132

1.       Question: According to the  Meiri in Rosh HaShana 6b: Why do you transgress only one mitzvah of bal t’acher, being late or delaying doing a mitvah, each day that follows, if you don’t pay your workers on time but if you delay bringing a Korban, a sacrificial offering, then each day you push off bringing the offering you get another prohibition of bal t’acher?


A. You don’t bring sacrifices at night.

Answer: Once the end of the day comes there is a constant mitzvah to pay your worker which never stops until he is paid so each day he is not paid is part of the same issue of not paying him originally when the mitzvah started but by bringing a sacrifice since it cannot be done at night then the obligation ends at the end of each day and restarts when the next day begins so each day it is not brought is a new prohibition.