Torah Riddles Test #130

1.    Question: Why is a person who accidentally says a bracha on a new fruit, allowed to say shehecheyanu during the 3 weeks but a pregnant woman or sick person who has to eat a new fruit to feel better does not say a shehecheyanu during this time?


A. Since we diminish our joy during the 3 weeks between 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av one should not put himself into a situation where he would have to say a shehecheyanu.

B. Shehecheyanu was enacted for the joy of eating a new fruit as per The Responsa Hisorirus Teshuva (347).

C. The Mishna Berura (551:17:99) says a pregnant woman and sick person should not say a shehecheyanu.

Answer: See Dirshu Mishna Berura (551:17:99:122) in the name of the Responsa Hisorirus Teshuva (347) that a sick person or pregnant woman is different than one who mistakenly said a blessing on a new fruit since the blessing of shehecheyanu was enacted on the joy of eating a new fruit and if one took a new fruit and said a blessing on it, the reality is he does have a sense of joy right now and therefore he must say a shehecheyanu. On the other hand a sick person or pregnant woman who are only permitted to eat the new fruit because of their sickness or state when everyone else in the world is not eating it, and they themselves don’t really want to eat the fruit now, therefore it must be they are really feeling despondence over the exile and not joy, and that is why they don’t say shehecheyanu.