Torah Riddles Test #127

2. Question: Why does the Pri Megadim hold you should first make a blessing on the Tallis then say shehecheyanu but by a new fruit you first say shehecheyanu and then the blessing on the fruit?


A. The reason why the Tallis is considered important in your eyes to warrant a shehecheyanu is because of the mitzvah.

B. The fruit itself is what causes the need to say a blessing of Ha’etz and the blessing of shehecheyanu.

C. Saying the blessing of Haetz is for the benefit you get and shehecheyanu for the joy you get.

 Answer: Since the mitzvah causes the Tallis to need a shehecheyanu then it’s not fitting to say the blessing on the Tallis then the shehecheyanu but by the fruit since the reason for each blessing is different one for enjoyment and the other for joy and they are both caused by the fruit itself independently then it would be a separation /hefsek between the blessing and eating if shehecheyanu was said in the middle. (Also could say before and not after eating because really the joy starts from when the fruit is seen on the tree, so technically can say shehecheyanu then but we wait until we eat it when the joy intensifies.)