Positive Mitzvos 1-2

This week we began to discuss the positive mitzvos related to lashon hara. 

1. זכור את אשר עשה ד׳ למרים בדרך וכו. There is a mitzvah to constantly remind ourselves verbally and picture in our minds the punishment Miriam received for speaking lashon hara about her beloved brother Moshe whose intent was just positive and was said in private to her caring brother Aharon, so that all the more so we will be careful not to maliciously speak lashon hara about others. 

2. ואהבת לרעך כמוך We should be sensitive about the feelings and respect of others just like we would want them to be sensitive to our own feelings and honor. This is another method of discouraging ourselves from speaking lashon hara.  

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