Torah Riddles Test #136

1.       Question: According to Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurbach, why can one say Shehecheyanu for himself and for others when blowing shofar or if everyone is eating the same new fruit, however when a group of people are putting on a new tallis on themselves, though one can make the blessing on the tallis for everyone, each one has to make their own shehecheyanu, so too, if people are sitting around the table eating different new fruits each one has to make their own shehecheyanu. What’s the difference?


A.      The Shehecheyanu on the shofar and tallis is on the joy of the mitzvah.

B.      The Shehecheyanu for the new fruits are for the joy upon reaching the time where they can eat that type of a fruit.

Answer: Everyone is equal when it comes to the joy of performing the mitzvah of listening to the shofar where as everyone who got a new tallis has his own personal joy of getting a new tallis so he has to make his own shehecheyanu blessing. Similarly, if a group of people are sitting around the table eating the same new fruit then they are getting the same enjoyment out of the new fruit where as if there was more than one new fruit on the table then each type would need its own shechecheyanu blessing to be said on it so one cannot say it for the other (See Dirshu Mishna Berura 585:2:5:13).