Lets Shmuz: Monday morning class 10:00 EST via Webex. Learn a unique lesson and gain a new prospective into the weekly Torah portion. This year we are focusing on the weekly haftorah. Click here to join this class.

The Sugya: Tuesday evenings class 8:30 EST via Webex. An in depth analysis of various topics in the Talmud. Focusing this year (Starting August 21) on tractate Kesubos (Gemara Shiur). Contact us to join this class.

Mishna Berura Seder: Tuesday morning class 9:45 EST via Webex. Challenge your minds with intricate question on Jewish Law and learn more about the particular topic of the week. Contact us to join this class.

Chofetz Chaim – Laws on Loshon Hara: Thursday morning class 10:00 EST via Webex. Following the text of Sefer Chofetz Chaim we will be going into depth about the laws of Loshon Hara/Slander. Contact us to join this class.

Chofetz Chaim Alumni Mussar Chabura: There is a rotation of Chofetz Chaim alumni who give a shmuz each week on Tuesday evenings at 10:10 EST via WebEx and there is also a call in number just like all other classes. Click here or contact us to join the chabura.

Binoseha: Women’s Centre for Advanced Torah Studies: A series of classes with Rebbetzin Shaindel Simes. Stay tuned for the next series. Click here or contact us to join this class.

Chavrusas: One on one learning with a Torah scholar or rebbitzen via Skype, Google Hangouts, or a similar service; learn from many Torah topics and books. Click here or contact us to set up a chavrusa.